A Regional Spine Center for Back and Neck Pain

Spine Team Maryland at Doctors Community Hospital combines expertise in non-surgical treatment of back and neck pain with spine surgeons. This team approach of spine surgeons, physical medicine physicians and spine-trained physical therapists provides optimal care of spine problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my symptoms mean?
What can I do at home to relieve pain?
What are my nonsurgical care options
What does spine surgery entail?
What is a Regional Spine Center?

non-surgical treatmentNon-surgical spine care

The primary goal of treatment is to get you back to activity. Click here to learn more about non surgical treatment options at Spine Team Maryland.

what hurtsWhat hurts?

Find out what your back and neck pain symptoms mean and learn when you should see a doctor. Click here to learn more.


Learn stretches and exercises to alleviate pain and strengthen the back and neck.

View medical illustrations that describe the causes of back and neck pain.

Explore interactive videos that explain spine conditions and treatment procedures.